Accessing KBOR 403(b) Retirement Plan funds
Instructions for Using Plan With Ease (PWE)

For the KBOR Mandatory Retirement Plan, access to funds is only available when the participant has completely separated from service from all state universities/KBOR office employment or when the participant is under a Phased Retirement Agreement.

For the KBOR Voluntary Retirement Plan, participants may access funds after separation from service, at or after age 59 1/2, when disability status is attained or for an approved hardship or loan.

The Kansas Board of Regents 403(b) plan is using (PWE) to help administer the Retirement Program.  PWE is a plan administration service which will act on behalf of the KBOR Retirement Program to review and approve distribution requests that are allowed under the KBOR Plans for approved providers.*  PWE also offers account information and educational materials.

If your last employment at a state university/KBOR office was before the dates listed below, your information will not be in PWE and you should contact the university directly (see contact information below).

Emporia State University 
     January 2007
       Fort Hays State University 
     January 1998
Kansas State University 
     January 1996
  University of Kansas  
     January 1996
University of Kansas Medical Center
     January 1996
  Pittsburg State University
     December 1995
Wichita State University 
     January 1974
  Kansas Board of Regents Office 
     January 1996

Before using PWE, you must do the following:
1.  You must have an email address to enter in the PWE site.
2.  Add to your email contacts list to ensure that you receive all communications from
3.  Enable or allow "pop-up" windows from in your internet browser by going to your Windows explore toolbar, clicking on "Tools" then "Pop-up Blocker" and selecting "Click-Off Pop-up Blocker."

If you are accessing funds because your employment has ended, you will not be able to print an approval letter in PWE until at least 5 working days after the date of your last pay check from the State University.

To use PWE:
1.  Go to
2.  Click on "Login."  For new users, select the "Click Here For Help Logging in Including First Time Users" to the right of the User ID box and follow the instructions. (Your initial user ID is your nine-digit Social Security Number and your password is your birthday in MMYY format.)  After you successfully change your userid/password, please log out then log back in using the new info to ensure all account information has been updated.
3.  NOTE:  If you have difficulty logging in or your account becomes disabled, contact PWE toll-free at 1-855-464-6928, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. central time, or email at  Please add the name of the KBOR institution where you were last employed to the email (e.g., ESU, FHSU, KSU, KU-Lawrence, KU-Medical Center, PSU, WSU, KBOR Office).
4.  Select the Plan (Mandatory or Voluntary) that you need to access.
5.  On the top menu, hold the pointer over "Request Transactions" to see the drop down box of transactions available to you.  Select the correct transaction.
6.  Follow the instructions for completing the request.  It is very important that you select the appropriate item in the drop-down box(es) for your transaction.  You may need to contact your retirement provider if you have questions on how to complete the request.
7.  Click "Submit" when you have entered all required information.
8.  You will then see a confirmation of the requested transaction.  Click "I Agree" if the information is correct.
9.  You will then see another confirmation of your request and a notice that an approval letter is ready for download.  You can click on the "Open Notice" link to open the document.  You can also find the letter in "Documents" form the top menu, then "Reports/Letters."  Print the approval letter.  The approval letter serves as the employer's signature and authorization for the requested transaction.
10.  Return the approval letter along with any paperwork required by your provider to the retirement provider from which you are requesting funds.

NOTE:  Requests for Hardship Withdrawal and Residential Loan and Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) require that documentation be mailed or faxed to 866-771-5047 to for review before approval can be granted.  After you have signed into the PWE website, for additional Hardship Withdrawal and Residential Loan information, look under "Documents" and "Forms" and for additional QDRO info, look under "QDRO."  (*Addresses - regular mail:, P.O. Box 5054, Minot, ND 58702 or overnight mail:, 2000 21st Ave NW, Minot, ND 58702).

If you have questions, you can access the Participant User Guide once you log on to


*Under the Mandatory Plan, ING and TIAA-CREF are the only approved investment providers, as well as the deselected providers Lincoln National and Security Benefit Group.  Here is a link for a list of approved Voluntary Plan investment providers.

To access funds from non-approved investment providers, the Human Resources/Benefits Office of the state university where you last were employed will need to sign off on the paperwork.  (See contact listing below.)

Please note: income derived from the KBOR 403(b) Mandatory and Voluntary plans is currently exempt from Kansas State income tax. See Kansas Department of Revenue Tax Notice 05-05. If you have questions about this notice or its application, please contact the Department of Revenue (785) 368-8222, visit their web site at or consult your tax or financial advisor.

if you need further assistance, please contact the Human Resources/Benefits Office of the state university where you were last employed by using the following contact list.

Emporia State University

Judy Anderson Email (620) 341-5379
Ray Lauber Email  

Fort Hays State University

Shannon Lindsey Email  (785) 628-5326
Geralyn Allen Email  (785) 628-4458 

Kansas State University

 Benefits Office  Email (785) 532-6277

Pittsburg State University

Human Resources Email (620) 235-4191

University of Kansas

University of Kansas - Lawrence       
Benefits Office Email  (785) 864-4946
Medical Center - Kansas City      
John Matzedar Email (913) 588-5080
Michelle Mertz Email  
Medical Center - Wichita    
Tracey Clarke Email  

Wichita State University

Kim Cinelli Email  (316) 978-6121
Micah Thompson Email (316) 978-3079

Board of Regents Office

Human Resources Email (785) 296-3421

KBOR Loan Certification Form (use this form if PWE is not an option that works for you)

KBOR Hardship Request Form (use this form if PWE is not an option that works for you) 

Medical Expenses--IRS Publication #502

Casualty Losses--IRS Publication #547

Qualified Domestic Relations Order Information