The Kansas Higher Education Reporting System (KHERS) now provides access to enrollment reports, available under the "Enrollment" tab.

screenshot of enrollment reports display

Beginning with the 2007-2008 academic year, Kansas public postsecondary enrollment data can be viewed by system, sector (universities, community colleges, or technical colleges), or institution; the academic year as a whole, or by specific semester; and includes various demographics and characteristics reports: 

  • Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity
  • Enrollment by Age
  • Enrollment by Gender
  • Enrollment by Full-Time/Part-Time
  • Enrollment by Residency
  • Enrollment by Student Type

Additionally, historic system-wide Fall and Spring enrollments can be viewed under the “Kansas Historical Enrollment” tab, including data for total headcount, total FTE enrollment, and total credit hours. The following reports are available:

  • Freshman Report - By Institution and Age
  • Freshman Report - By Institution and County
  • Transfer Report - By Receiving Institution and Student Level


Enrollment reports for the following years are also available online in the old format:

Fall 2012 
Spring 2012
Fall 2011 
Spring 2011 
Fall 2010 
Spring 2010 
Fall 2009 
Spring 2009 
Fall 2008 
Spring 2008 
Fall 2007 
Spring 2007 
Fall 2006 
Spring 2006 
Fall 2005 


2014 Enrollment Report - presented March 2014 (pdf)
2013 Enrollment Report - presented March 2013 (pdf)