The Council of Faculty Senate Presidents (COFSP) consists of the duly elected Faculty or University Senate President or chairperson from each Regents institution and the Kansas University Medical Center. Upon invitation from the chair of the Kansas Board of Regents, COFSP's function is to address faculty concerns in a focused and efficient manner. The chairperson is from the same institution as the chair of the Council of Presidents.

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  1. Sheryl Lidzy – Emporia State University – Chair, FY2014
  2. Victoria Mosack – Wichita State University
  3. Stephen Donnelly – Fort Hays State University
  4. Chris Steadham – University of Kansas
  5. David Naylor – University of Kansas Medical Center
  6. Julie Keen – Kansas State University
  7. Justin Honey – Pittsburg State University
  8. Stephen Angel - Washburn University

2014 Minutes

    June 18, 2014       Minutes  
    May 14, 2014       Minutes  
    April 16, 2014       Minutes  
    March 12, 2014       Minutes  
    February 18, 2014 Conf       Minutes  
    February 12, 2014       Minutes  
    January 15, 2014       Minutes