Each year faculty from all 32 institutions are invited to participate in the Kansas Core Outcomes Group Project to articulate core outcomes for courses to be recommended for system-wide transfer. A total of 46 courses have been approved for system-wide transfer based on the work and dedication of faculty at previous meetings. The 2014 annual meeting will be held on September 12, at Johnson County Community College.

Please review the course list below, and determine the appropriate faculty to attend the meeting on September 12, 2014. Selected faculty should:

  • Be familiar with the course, its syllabus, and the course number and title used by the institution
  • Be empowered to write student outcomes and represent the vote of the institution for each course articulated for system-wide transfer.  

All courses offered on your campus that align with the course list should have a representative in attendance at the meeting. Please identify the appropriate faculty at your institution and have them register for the annual meeting at this link.

CLICK HERE to register for the September 12 meeting.

In order to keep the number of faculty attending the annual meetings to a manageable number, disciplines will be asked to meet for reviewing courses every other year or as needed.  Disciplines not meeting in 2014 can expect to meet in 2015.  Any group that is not listed below and has a need to meet during the 2014 meeting should contact Karla Wiscombe at kwiscombe@ksbor.org to make arrangements.


The Transfer and Articulation Council prioritized the following 12 courses for review at the September 12, 2014 annual Kansas Core Outcomes meeting:
Art -
Introduction to Drawing/Drawing I
Chemistry -
General Chemistry for non-majors (one semester)
Communication/Speech -
Interpersonal Communication
Health Sciences -
History -
World Civilization 1500 to present
Math -
Elementary Statistics
Modern Languages -
French II
Spanish III
Physics -
Descriptive Astronomy
Political Science -
International Relations
Religion -
World Religions/Comparative Religions