a.  Academic credit for courses or programs involving travel shall be granted under the same conditions and by the same procedures as for other courses offered for credit by the institution.

b.  No program for instructional activities outside the State of Kansas shall be approved by any state university if any one or more of the following apply:

i.  The proposed courses do not fall within the authorized program of the institution;

ii.  The instructors are not duly qualified members of the faculty of the institution concerned; or

iii.  The activity is designed to produce a profit for any individual.

c.  The organization of non credit hours by individual faculty or staff members to be conducted at times when they are not being paid by the State of Kansas shall be permissible provided all reasonable precau¬tions are taken to avoid the appearance of institutional sponsorship.

d.  Nothing in this statement is intended to modify currently accepted practice relating to academic extension programs, as defined below.