a.  The University Press of Kansas is a joint publishing operation among all of the Regents institutions.  It shall be governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of the academic vice president of each participating institution, which shall have powers to appoint a director and an Editorial Committee and to establish staff positions within the budget of the Press.

b.  The University Press of Kansas is located at the University of Kansas and its operating budget, with proportionate shares provided from each participating institution, is included in the annual budget of the University of Kansas.  Payment of royalties to unclassified authors and reimbursement of unclassified personnel for manuscripts evaluation, writing translating, copy editing, proofreading, indexing, graphic design, artwork, and photography is authorized with rates to be negotiated by the Director of the Press.  Payment for such contractual services shall be accomplished by voucher in accordance with the procedure approved by the Division of Accounts and Reports.