a.  Each state university shall develop and implement a process requiring each student admitted as an exception to the qualified admission standards set forth in K.A.R. 88-29-1 et seq. to adopt a written individual plan for student success.  Processes and mechanisms to comply with this policy and statutory requirements imposed in K.S.A. 76-717 must be in place by the 2013 fall semester.

b.  Individual plans shall be developed in accordance with the requirements of K.S.A. 76-717 and shall:

i.  Be jointly developed by the student and the student’s advisor.  Other university employees may be involved, at the discretion of the institution.

ii.  Address the student’s academic coursework.  If deemed appropriate by the student and the student’s advisor, plans may address other issues, such as extracurricular activities, financial needs and any other aspect of student life having a bearing on academic success.

iii.  Be adopted prior to the student’s initial enrollment at the university.

iv.  Be reviewed by the student and the student’s advisor at least once each semester in the first academic year immediately succeeding adoption of the plan.  Based on this review, the plan may be revised upon mutual agreement between the student and the student’s advisor.

c.  Each state university shall regularly report to the Board’s Vice President of Academic Affairs on the academic progress of students admitted as exceptions.