a.  All state universities shall protect the privacy of all students by complying with provisions of the "Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act" (FERPA), 20 USCA Sec. 1232g, as amended, and all rules and regulations of the federal Department of Education relating thereto.  Institutional policies shall be on file with the Board and any modification of such policy must be submitted to the General Counsel of the Board for review.

b.  Institutional policies shall specifically provide for the means by which any student may inspect and challenge educational records directly related to the student and shall restrict the accessibility and availability of such educational records in accordance with applicable federal law and regulations.  In so doing they shall make that information which is subject to disclosure under the Act available only upon written request and in a manner which is most economical and least disruptive to the routine operations of the institution.

c.  State university officials shall not withhold the written record of grades earned by any dependent student when such official receives a written request for such grades from a student, or from the student's parents or legal guardian except as provided in paragraph d. of this subsection.

d.  State universities are authorized to withhold student records in connection with disciplinary actions or for nonpayment for any fines and/or fees which have been authorized by the Board and are printed in the Comprehensive Fee Schedule, or for other lawful debts arising from a written agreement between the student and the university.