Emeritus/Emerita status is an honorary title awarded to a retiring faculty member or administrator for extended meritorious service. 

a.  Chief Executive Officers

The Board of Regents may confer by resolution the title of Chancellor Emeritus/Emerita or President Emeritus/Emerita upon a former Chancellor or former President of one of the state universities.  Factors to consider when awarding emeritus/emerita status include distinguished administrative service that advances the strength, growth and integrity of the university, and outstanding contributions to the higher education system, the community and the State, as well as the length of administrative service to the university.  There is no salary or emolument attached to the status.

b.  Faculty and Other Administrative Officers

Each state university shall establish its own criteria for awarding such status to university faculty and other administrators.  Emeritus/Emerita status requires approval by the chief executive officer of the employing institution.  There is no salary or emolument attached to the status other than such privileges as the institution may wish to extend.