a.  Guiding Principles

i.  Each state university choosing to utilize the provisions of K.S.A 75-6606(c) shall develop and be guided by policies and procedures for the disposition of surplus university property that:

(1)  Focus on the stewardship of public property;

(2)  Advance and support the mission of the institution;

(3)  Promote the reuse of surplus property at the institution;

(4)  Operate in a fair, equitable and transparent manner;

(5)  Prohibit the giving or sale of property to an individual without first complying with university policies and procedures; and

(6)  Are in full compliance with all local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations.

ii.  Each state university is encouraged to engage in cooperative opportunities with the other state universities to promote the reuse of surplus property system-wide.  Each state university is also encouraged to consider sustainability practices, as surplus property is disposed.

b.  Policy Requirements

The policies and procedures developed by each state university in accordance with this section shall address, at a minimum:

i.  How notice of the planned disposal of surplus property will be provided to the general public; and

ii.  How the disposition of property and receipt of revenues will be documented and utilized.

c.  Disposal Methods

The following methods are authorized for the disposition of surplus property:

i.  Advertised fixed price;

ii.  Advertised negotiated price;

iii.  Advertised sealed bid;

iv.  Advertised public auction;

v.  Donation to not-for-profit organizations, or individuals and entities eligible to participate in the Federal Surplus Property Program; and

vi.  Cannibalize, recycle, junkyard and or trash.