a.  State universities may purchase insurance of any kind or nature except employee health insurance. (K.S.A. 75-4101(d).)

b.  Any purchase of insurance shall be made on a competitively bid or competitively negotiated bases and purchased from an insurance company authorized to transact business in the State of Kansas.  State universities shall use a competitive procurement procedure for such purchases, which procedure shall be on file at the institutions and open for public inspection.

c.  Prior to such purchases, state universities are encouraged to consult with other state universities to determine whether coverage for more than one state university would be advantageous.

d.  If a state university does not obtain insurance coverage for state university-owned aircraft and vehicles through State contracts, coverage that at least matches the State’s insurance coverage shall be purchased.

e.  The chief executive officer of each state university shall implement procedures to ensure the provision of insurance coverage that at least matches the State’s insurance coverage for all travel of students or university employees in chartered or rental aircraft or vehicles while on university business or university sponsored activities.