a.  Guiding Principles

 i.  Each state university choosing to utilize the provisions of K.S.A. 76-769 shall develop and be guided by procurement policies and procedures that:

(1)  Focus on the stewardship of public funds;

(2)  Advance and support the mission of the institution;

(3)  Promote a competitive and fair procurement environment; and

(4)  Are open and transparent, including adherence to the Kansas Open Records Act.

ii.  State universities utilizing the provisions of K.S.A. 76-769 are encouraged to engage in cooperative purchasing opportunities with other public universities or other state agencies to achieve the lowest competitive price, including purchasing from current State central purchasing contracts, state travel services, and products pursuant to the Prison Made Goods Act, if it is in the best interest of the state university.

b.  Requirements for Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures developed by each state university in accordance with this section shall address, at a minimum:

i.  How the system of administration will advance and support the mission of the state university and provide increased levels of service to university students, faculty and staff as they work collectively to advance the university interest;

ii.  How the state university intends to promote a competitive procurement environment including a statement regarding what competitive bid limit thresholds will be utilized;

iii.  How notice of procurement opportunities will be provided to vendors and to the public in general;

iv.  The criteria to be utilized as contracts and purchase orders are awarded;

v.  The process to be utilized to resolve vendor protests or requests for information, if any, that are submitted by vendors or the public in general;

vi.  How the state university intends to cooperate with the State and other state universities as procurement decisions are made; and

vii.  What steps are taken to ensure that all university procurement officials are guided by a purchasing code of ethics, such as the National Association of Educational Procurement Code of Ethics.