a.  Purchase of Vehicles

Purchase and replacement of vehicles are delegated to the chief executive officer of each state university or the chief executive officer’s designee.  Replacement of vehicles should be made in accordance with Department of Administration guidelines and procedures.

b.  Transfer of Equipment

Equipment purchased by externally sponsored research projects may be transferred to another college or university only if the following conditions are met:

i.  The project investigator is moving to another academic institution and the financial support is also transferred by the granting agency without interruption;

ii.  The granting agency approves transfer to the new institution of equipment purchased wholly by grant funds;

iii.  The equipment is specialized in nature, acquired specifically for the investigator for that investigator’s particular program, and is essential to continuance of the program without undue interruption in the work;

iv.  The granting state university does not need the equipment in its current related research program; and

v.  The entire cost of physical transfer of the equipment will be borne by the granting agency or the recipient institution.