a.  State Fire Marshal

Except as provided in this subsection, an annual inspection of all buildings at each state university shall be made by the State Fire Marshal with copies of the inspection report to be sent to the university.  Within 30 days of receipt, the state university shall provide a written summary of the State Fire Marshal's annual inspection report and the university’s response thereto to the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Board; provided, however, that any notice of citation, potential sanction, violation, cease and desist order or hazard requiring follow up by the state university shall be immediately reported to the President and Chief Executive Officer.

In lieu of the State Fire Marshal conducted inspection provided above, a state university may enter into a memorandum of agreement with the State Fire Marshal pursuant to the State Fire Marshal Commissioned Inspector Act, K.S.A. 31-701 et seq.  Annual inspections conducted by a university commissioned inspector shall be performed in accordance with the Act and the university’s memorandum of agreement.

b.  Department of Administration

Each state university shall obtain such Department of Administration inspections for new construction or renovation as are required by Chapter 7, Section 5 of the Department’s 2009 Building Design and Construction Manual, as amended.

c.  Boiler and Other Inspections Required by Law

Each state university shall provide for such boiler and other inspections as are required by law.  (K.S.A. 44-913 et seq.)