a.  Authority for Naming

The naming of any state university building is the province of the Board of Regents.  The authority to re-name or remove the name of any state university building also resides in the Board.  Any documentation used by any state university or affiliate corporation of any state university for fund raising purposes shall clearly state that proposed names are subject to Board action, and shall reserve to the Board the right to remove any name bestowed upon a facility.  Possible reasons for removal of a name include, but are not limited to, circumstances causing damage to the reputation of the university, change of law regarding naming authority, or if the building is razed or given over to a new use.

b.  Criteria

i.  Generally, buildings are named for distinguished individuals who have made extraordinary contributions of a scholarly, professional, or public service nature related to the university’s mission.

ii.  In some cases, buildings may be named for major donors to the construction of the building.

iii.  Before forwarding a name to the Board for consideration, the state university shall undertake a thorough degree of due diligence to avoid commercial influence or conflict of interest.

iv.  Buildings will not be named for sitting presidents, chancellors or Board members.

c.  Process

The chief executive officer of the state university shall recommend an appropriate name to the Board for consideration.  At the time the agenda item is submitted, the name shall not be included; however, the state university shall send the proposed name and a brief narrative individually to Regents and the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Board at the same time the state university sends its agenda material requests to the Board office for the Board meeting at which the name is to be considered.  No public communication of a proposed name shall be made until the name is presented for consideration at the open meeting of the Board.