a.  State university facilities and grounds shall not be made available for fund raising events for any candidate, party committee or political committee, or for filming or otherwise producing partisan political advertisements.

b.  Except as prohibited in subsection a., state university facilities may be made available for the purpose of holding political meetings, or public forums, provided there is no interference with regularly scheduled functions, the person requesting the space can clearly demonstrate that there is not otherwise available a reasonably suitable facility in the community, students are permitted to hear the speakers without charge, and payment of the regular fees for use of the facilities is made in advance of such use.

c.  Other than the Governor, elected officials and candidates for elected office shall not be introduced or recognized on campus unless they are in attendance at a campus event in an official capacity and at the request of the university.

d.  The distribution of handbills shall be prohibited in those areas devoted primarily to instruction and study or at the immediate sites and times of enclosed public events.

e.  State universities shall have the authority to develop additional policies and guidelines that are not in conflict with this policy.  Such policies and guidelines shall be reviewed by the Governance Committee and filed with the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Board.

f.  For purposes of this policy, the terms “candidate,” “party committee,” and “political committee” shall have the meanings specified in K.S.A. 25-4143, as amended.