The Kansas Board of Regents adopted a policy regarding the improper use of social media on December 18, 2013.  In response to concerns expressed regarding the Board’s policy, the Chairman asked for a workgroup of representatives from each state university campus to review the language. On April 8, 2014, the workgroup forwarded their final recommendations and report for the Board Governance Committee to review, and made their formal presentation at the Governance Committee meeting on April 16, 2014.  (See below for the workgroup’s recommended policy) After reviewing the workgroup’s recommendations, the Board Governance Committee directed Board staff to incorporate the workgroup’s language regarding academic freedom and the First Amendment, as well as a number of other suggested provisions, into the current Board policy.  

Workgroup's Recommended Policy
The Workgroup's policy includes highlights and notation that indicate provisions the Board Governance Committee included in the recommendation below.
Use of Social Media by Faculty and Staff - Adopted May 14, 2014