Student Health Insurance Plan

  1. KBOR contract with Student Resources
  2. Student Resources master contract for the plan year 8/1/13 - 7/31/14

    Plan 01 - Undergraduate, international, health science and other graduate 
    students not eligible for GTA/GRA coverage

    Plan 03 - Eligible Graduate Assistants, Graduate Teaching Assistants or Graduate Research Assistants

  3. Student Resources webpage for the plan information, brochures and application forms
  4. UnitedHealthCare Prescription Drug list reference guide
    Note: Because the KBOR plan has a 2 tier prescription drug plan, the tier 3 drugs on the list will fall into the tier 2 category of drugs.
  5. Student Insurance Advisory Committee
  6. Student Health Insurance Regulations
  7. KBOR student insurance waiver criteria and plan evaluation