Improving Teacher Quality State Grants

The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Improving Teacher Quality (ITQ) state grant for higher education is designed to improve teaching and learning.  As a federal program, it operates under the NCLB Act of 2001.   Authority for the administration of the Improving Teacher Quality State Grant, Title II, Part A, as well as the identification and evaluation of grant proposals, resides with each state.  

In Kansas, the Kansas Board of Regents has been authorized to receive and distribute the federal funds appropriated for this program to be utilized by higher education institutions.   Guidance under the program allows for state flexibility in order to fulfill state priorities for increasing teacher content knowledge and all issues affecting teacher quality.

The purpose of the state grant program is to increase student achievement by helping ensure that highly qualified teachers, paraprofessionals and principals have access to sustained and intensive high quality professional development in core academic subjects.  The program provides grants to partnerships comprised of Kansas postsecondary institutions and high-need local education agencies (LEAs).  A list of current grant recipients is available here.

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Teacher Education Grant

In light of the well-documented shortages of teachers in certain disciplines and geographic areas, the 2007 Kansas Legislature enacted H.B. 2185, which established the Teacher Education Competitive Grant Program. The grant program aims to increase the number of teachers in hard-to-fill disciplines and underserved geographic areas.

A list of current grant recipients is available here

Program Administrator

Karla Wiscombe, EdD

While the above initiative will provide resources to institutions for expanding current programs or creating new ones, a complementary initiative – the Teacher Service Scholarship Program – will provide support for students interested in pursuing teaching careers in Kansas. Although support for these initiatives is subject to future appropriations, the Board expects the program to receive funding over the long-term.  For further information concerning the scholarship, contact Diane Lindeman, dlindeman@ksbor.org.