July 1, 2013 

Kansas Board of Regents Partners In New Veterans’ Website
KanVet features state education resources available for veterans

The Kansas Board of Regents announced today that it is partnering in a new KanVet website to serve as a central, comprehensive resource for services that the state provides to veterans. KanVet will connect veterans with higher education information and job searching tools designed specifically for veterans. The website address is

“The women and men who have served our country deserve our support when they transition out of the military,” said Gov. Sam Brownback. “KanVet will be a wonderful resource for the veterans in our state by providing them an easy way to access the educational and job searching programs available in Kansas.”

Representatives from the Kansas Board of Regents joined Brownback; Maj. Gen. Lee Tafanelli, Kansas adjutant general; and Gregg Burden, executive director of the Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs at a news conference to unveil the new website.

Kansas colleges are excited about the opportunity to further serve veterans and simplify access to educational opportunities across the state. KanVet contains information to help veterans identify the educational options available to them and ways to fund their education.

Housed in an easily navigable website, the education information contains links to Kansas programs available for veterans. This includes information about all universities, community colleges and technical colleges in the state, and links to the veteran specific information on the websites of each school. There are almost 227,000 veterans living in Kansas.

“KanVet will allow veterans to easily find the information that they need to take advantage of the educational opportunities that Kansas provides,” said Burden. “I’m excited for the positive impact that this will have on veterans seeking to advance their education in Kansas.”


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