88-26-7. Residence determination for state aid purposes. (a) Each institution shall determine residency, for state aid purposes, pursuant to statutes or regulations that apply to determination of residency by the institutions, including, for community colleges, K.S.A. 71-406 and K.S.A. 71-407 and amendments thereto. The factors that may be considered in determining residency for state aid purposes shall include, when applicable or appropriate, a Kansas driver’s license, evidence of payment of Kansas real estate taxes, payment of Kansas income taxes, reliance on Kansas sources for support, acceptance of permanent employment in Kansas, ownership of a home in Kansas, registration to vote in Kansas, and commitment to an educational program that indicates an intent to maintain a permanent presence in Kansas upon graduation.
(b) The governing board of each institution shall consider L. 2015, ch. 76, sec. 3, and amendments thereto, when setting tuition rates based on residency. (Authorized by K.S.A. 71-406, 72-7514, 74-32,140, and K.S.A. 2014 Supp. 74-32,141; implementing K.S.A. 71-406, 71-407, K.S.A. 2014 Supp. 71-620, 71-1803, and 72-4480; effective Oct. 29, 2004; amended April 10, 2015; amended, T-88-8-10-15, Aug. 10, 2015; amended Dec. 18, 2015.)