1. When is the date in which the new systemwide GE will take effect at every public community college and university in the state?

At the latest, this will need to take effect on each campus for first-time students and transfer students who begin in the Fall of 2024.  As such, when incoming students are enrolled for the Fall 2024 semester beginning in February or March 2024, they will be advised under the new Systemwide GE. 

2. Can institutions implement the new GE earlier than Fall 2024?

Yes, nothing prohibits institutions from implementing early.    

3. If a student completes the systemwide GE before Fall 2024 and transfers with a statement noting “systemwide GE completed,” is the receiving institution required to accept it and consider the GE completed?

While these will be rare, the answer is yes. The student should not be penalized for completing the systemwide GE at an institution that adopted it early and subsequently transferring to an institution that adopted it later.

4. Is the new systemwide GE retroactive?

All institutions will list the systemwide GE in all degree programs for the 2024-2025 year. Institutions are encouraged to use the new systemwide GE for students who began prior to Fall 2024 if it is beneficial for on-time completion.

5. If a student starts in Fall 2023 at a community college and expresses that they plan to transfer to a university in Fall 2024, how should this student be advised?

The Systemwide Transfer Courses by GE Bucket Resource (this is a list of Systemwide Transfer courses that fall within each respective systemwide discipline bucket) will serve as a valuable advising resource both in the pre and post-stages of GE implementation. 

Additionally, if the student has identified the transfer destination, the student should also contact that specific university to learn more.