Deciding where you want to go to college after high school can be difficult. A lot of factors play a role in your decision such as location, cost, what you want to study, and your future career goals, to name a few. The following resources can help you organize information to help you make decisions; consider, apply for, and evaluate financial aid; and set you up for future success!

Talk to your school counselors, teachers, and administrators for more helpful resources, and if your school holds an Apply Kansas event, make sure to participate! During the event you will receive guidance and tips as you apply to colleges and universities!

Student Resources

Kansas Qualified Admissions

Kansas Scholars Curriculum and Scholarships

Kansas Public Colleges and Universities

Kansas Admissions Information

10 Steps for Applying to College

College Research Worksheet

College Application Worksheet

College Application Fee Waiver Form

Credit by Examination: Advanced Placement, College Level Examination Program, International Baccalaureate, etc.

Common Application Presentations & Resources

Kansas State Scholarshop (Scholarship Search Engine)

FAFSA & Financial Aid Resources

FAFSA Introduction Video

Free Application for Federal Student Financial Aid (FAFSA) Process

FSA ID Instructions- Video on creating FSA ID

FAFSA - Complete your FAFSA Form on the web

FAFSA Deadlines

The Importance of FAFSA and Why Your Family Should Apply

Kansas Financial Aid Resources & Links

Kansas State Scholarships & Grant Programs

Freshman Year for Free Program

HS Counselors: Hosting a FAFSA Completion Event

FAFSA Completion Event with links to lessons & resources