Steps for hosting a successful Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) event:

  1. Schedule a time (October-December) when parents & students can meet together for an FAFSA completion event (it might need to be held outside of school hours). Some communities might also choose to do a 2nd FAFSA event in January or February
  1. Contact financial aid representatives from any local community college, technical college, or university to help present information and answer questions for parents during the event.
  1. Prepare Students for the Event
    • Provide a lesson about the FAFSA & types of financial aid
    • Take students through creating their FSA ID prior to the event
    • Send the FAFSA on the Web Worksheet or FAFSA Completion Checklist home to complete prior to the event. (This will help families know what information is needed and what questions they have for FAFSA completion day)
      • (2024 worksheets will be created once the new FAFSA is released in December 2023)
  1. Promote the FAFSA completion day with students and parents.
  1. Hold your FAFSA event!


New 2024 FAFSA Resources

The FAFSA is changing and is scheduled to open for students sometime in December 2023 for those attending college in the fall of 2024. Below are some links and resources specifically about the changes coming for this updated FAFSA.


KBOR FAFSA Changes Webinar Recording- November 8, 2023

FAFSA Changes & Updates (Click the link for YouTube Webinar Recording)

Presentation Slides & Presentation Resources

KBOR Counselor Resources & Webinar Series Webpage

Additional Resources: