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If you’re here, you’re looking for a career that pays well and is in demand.

Whatever gets your motor running – mechanical, medical, industrial, computers or something else– a Kansas Career Technical Education program will give you the hands-on 21st century skills that are essential to employers and our economy.

Find a program to build a new career for today and tomorrow!


Build Something Affordable!

Don’t let financial costs hold you back from taking the next step.

Kansas Career Technical Education programs provide an inexpensive way to build or re-tool your skills and start working in a high demand profession with more flexibility for your future.

Plus, you may also qualify for financial aid including the new Promise Act scholarship from the Kansas Board of Regents to help pay for your CTE tuition and fees.

Apply for a grant or scholarship to help you build a new career.


Build Something Quickly!

Start building your career in as little as a few weeks.

Kansas CTE programs prepare you for a new career quickly with lots of short-term training, certificate, and associate degree options.

With dozens of technical colleges, community colleges, and universities that offer training throughout Kansas, you can find a program close to you to start building your new career in as little as a few weeks.

Find a convenient college located near you!


Build Something Practical!

Nearly 350,000 Kansans have some college credit but no degree. Kansas CTE programs provide the skills and credentials needed for hundreds of jobs where you can see the results of your work everyday!

Kansas CTE is a great way to build a career that is:
• right for you
• easy to start
• pays well
• in-demand with companies ready to hire!


Build Something Exciting!

Get started building your new career!

There’s a real sense of excitement when you look towards the future and take the steps to make it happen. Kansas CTE jobs not only pay the bills, but pave the road to something better for you, your family, and your community.

Don’t wait! Build Something Now today!