Employer Engagement Initiative FAQ

How do I get a certificate for my partners?
Submit an Employer Engagement Initiative Nomination Form, after which Kansas Board of Regents staff will deliver you a framed, individually-boxed certificate signed by Dr. Blake Flanders, President & CEO of the Board, and the current Secretary of Commerce. 

Is there a deadline for submission of names to the Board Office?
No, you may submit names at any time.

How are businesses recognized?
At the state level, the names of each business (affiliated with the name of the submitting college) will appear on our website and elsewhere as opportunities to promote this initiative emerge. Colleges are also encouraged to make a formal presentation of EEI certificates with company leaders and take pictures. Share those pictures with us, and we will work to utilize those as we are able. Please share success stories regarding this initiative as well, so that we can highlight your progress across the state at the regional and national level. 

What happens if a business partner engages further, and thus moves to a different level?
Keep track of those changes. We'll be asking for partners and levels for 2021. We will provide yearly recognition for continued support.

For more information about this initiative, please contact us.