This section is intended to answer general questions when an institution offering Private Postsecondary Education in Kansas has closed. It is not intended to supersede any statute or regulatory requirements.

Information for Students

Information for Schools

Prior to closure a school must provide the following documentation:

  • Closure notification provided to students
  • Teach out or transfer plan for current students
  • Name of the school owner, active mailing address and telephone number where he/she may be reached after the school physically closes
  • Listing of current students including estimated graduation date and refund amount due to the student
  • Written statement from the school’s owner or designee affirming that all recruitment efforts, school marketing, advertisement (regardless of type, i.e. newspaper, website, television broadcast, etc.), solicitation and enrollment of new students has ceased

Upon closure a school must submit:

  • All student records if the institution is physically located in Kansas, to include records from all previously operating campuses
  • Student records for all past and current Kansas students must be included
  • Contact information for the entity responsible for maintaining student records if these records are transferred to another campus, headquarters or third party vendor