Council of Business Officers & System Council of Business Officers

The Council of Business Officers (COBO) consists of the chief business officer of each state university.

The Board's Vice President for Finance and Administration serves as an ex officio member. As an advisory body to the Council of Presidents, COBO meets periodically to address issues of systemwide concern relative to the administration and financing of the universities.

The System Council of Chief Business Officers (SCOBO), established in 2006, is composed of the six chief business officers of the state universities, four chief business officers selected by the nineteen community colleges, one chief business officer selected by the technical colleges, and the chief business officer of Washburn University.

SCOBO formulates recommendations relating to the implementation of the Higher Education Coordination Act as they apply to business affairs. 

Legal staff from Kutak Rock conducted a bond disclosure training session at the Board Office on December 6, 2017. Institutions with bonded indebtedness must review this topic on a recurring basis to conform with Securities Exchange Commission standards for participation in the municipal bond market. There were technical difficulties with the computer, but the text of the presentation is also posted here to accompany the recording.

Click here to view the video and here to view the text of the presentation.

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