Kansas Core Outcomes Groups Conference

Each year faculty from all 32 institutions participate in the Kansas Core Outcomes Groups Conference (KCOG) to articulate core outcomes for specified courses recommended for Systemwide Transfer (SWT).

The 2022 KCOG Conference will be held VIRTUALLY on October 7, 2022, hosted by Kansas City Kansas Community College. Please have all faculty register by September 21 at https://www.wichita.edu/about/conferences/KCOG.php . 


The following is a list of specified courses for the 2022 KCOG approved by the TAAC:

New courses for 2022 KCOG

  1. ART2020 Art in the Elementary Classroom
  2. MUS2010 Music in the Elementary Classroom

Review courses for 2022 KCOG

  1. ACC1010 Financial Accounting
  2. ACC2010 Managerial Accounting
  3. ANT1010 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  4. ART1010 Art Appreciation
  5. BIO1040 Environmental Science with Lab
  6. BIO1041 Environmental Science Lecture only
  7. BIO1042 Environmental Science Lab only
  8. CHM1010 Chemistry I and Lab for Majors/Lecture/Lab
  9. CHM1020 Chemistry II and Lab for Majors/Lecture/Lab
  10. COM1010 Public Speaking
  11. ENG1030 Introduction to Literature
  12. MAT2010 Calculus I
  13. MUS1010 Music Appreciation
  14. PHL1010 Introduction to Philosophy
  15. PHL1020 Ethics
  16. PHY1010 Physics I and Lab
  17. PHY2020 Physics II and Lab
  18. POL1020 American Government
  19. SOC1010 Introduction to Sociology
  20. SPA1010 Spanish I
  21. SPA1020 Spanish II
  22. SPA2010 Spanish III
  23. THT1010 Theatre Appreciation
  24. THT1020 Acting I
  25. THT2010 Acting II