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Financial aid is money to help students pay for college. It can be in different forms and come from various sources. Completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application is often considered the first step in making education after high school possible for students. Completing the financial aid application qualifies students for federal, state, and institutional funding that can make college more affordable. Student may be surprised by what they qualify for! 

Check out the FAFSA Completion Challenge for data on high school submission and completion rates.

FAFSA completion is strongly associated with postsecondary enrollment: 92% of seniors who completed the FAFSA enrolled by the November following graduation vs. 51% who did not complete a FAFSA.

FAFSA Filing College Priority Dates

FAFSA Completion event grant 

KBOR is offering grants for offering FAFSA Completion Events throughout the state of Kansas.

Offer a FAFSA completion event before August 16th and get paid! FAFSA Completion Events must be held prior to August 16, 2024 and should be held during times families can attend (preferably nights/weekends).

Additional Details:

  • $300 for FAFSA Completion Event - Support for FAFSA Completion efforts.
  • Additional $300 for Partnerships - Reward for collaborating with institutions like college access professionals, colleges, libraries, research and extension offices, etc
  • Additional $100 for 20+ attendees - Bonus for events with 20+ attendees
  • Additional $100 for local marketing efforts
  • Target Audience - adult learners and/or recent high school graduates
  • Grant Disbursement - Upon event completion
  • Deadline - Apply by August 16th or until funds are depleted

Report will include:

  • Date of FAFSA Completion Event
  • Link to marketing materials for the FAFSA Completion Event
  • Pictures of event (used for proof of event and proof of 20+ attendees)
  • Name of partnerships (used for proof of partnerships)
  • # of attendees
  • # of FAFSA applications submitted during the event

FAFSA Completion Event Grant Request Required Submission Items:


New 2024 FAFSA Resources

KBOR leads a FAFSA Events Working Group that meets regularly to strategize on how to make the greatest impact with completion events across the state in partnership with the Kansas Research and Extension office and KASFAA. Here are some initiatives: 

Lunch & Learn: FAFSA for Educators (Details & Recording)
Educators working with high school students are invited to join KBOR and KASFAA on a Thursday over lunch to learn more about financial aid and ensure students receive the most accurate and up-to-date information. Whether you are seasoned at assisting students with financial aid or new, don’t miss this valuable opportunity to better support your students on their path to higher education.

Topics include: Types of Aid Available, Overview of Eligibility, Typical Timeline, Importance of filling out the FAFSA for all students, and some time for Q&A. 

Virtual FAFSA Completion Assistance Event (Details)
Get your FAFSA questions answered during the FAFSA Completion Assistance drop-in event. Financial Aid experts will be available for one-on-one support for Kansas students and families.

Dates will be scheduled each year around November and March. 

Check out the FAFSA Checklist for a list of required information for FAFSA Completion. 

FAFSA Resources

Social Media Toolkits:

Resources specific to the FAFSA changes:

Hosting a FAFSA Completion event

Steps to host a successful Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Completion event:

  1. Schedule a time (This year: January-April, in a typical year: October-December) when parents & students can meet together for a FAFSA completion event (it might need to be held outside of school hours). Some communities might also choose to do a 2nd FAFSA event.
  1. Contact financial aid representatives from any local community college, technical college, or university to help present information and answer questions for parents during the event.
  1. Prepare Students for the Event
  1. Promote the FAFSA completion day with students and parents.
  1. Hold your FAFSA event!