Pittsburg State University, a comprehensive regional university, provides undergraduate and graduate programs and services to the people of southeast Kansas, but also to others who seek the benefits offered. This is accomplished by the unique combination of academic programs in the four colleges of the University Arts and Sciences, Business, Education and Technology. The University is equally committed to fulfilling its statewide mission in technology and economic development by facilitating partnerships with secondary and postsecondary educational institutions, businesses and industries.

The University supports an organizational and interpersonal structure that actively encourages individuals to achieve their potential. The University provides programs and services that create opportunities for students and other individuals to develop intellectually, ethically, aesthetically, emotionally, socially and physically. The University provides intellectual leadership and multicultural experiences that contribute to the preservation of the heritage of the region and the enhancement of its inhabitants. Finally, the University recognizes the world as interdependent and, thus, seeks to promote a broad and interactive international perspective.

The University fulfills the traditional academic missions of teaching, scholarship and service. Excellence in teaching is the primary focus of the University. The University recognizes that active scholarship and creativity add vitality to teaching, expand and refine the knowledge base and are instrumental to the professional development of the faculty and staff. Programs of professional and community service promote and strengthen University endeavors. Pittsburg State University fosters a campus culture of assessment and accountability that supports strategic planning and the continuous improvement of its academic programs and administrative processes.