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Financial Aid

Student financial aid includes grants, scholarships, and loans. It can be available through the federal and state government, private corporations, and philanthropic organizations, to name a few. The Kansas Board of Regents is responsible for the administration of the state funded grants and scholarships.

Click here to learn about the following state funded grants and scholarships:

  • Kansas Career Technical Workforce Grant
  • Kansas Military Service Scholarship
  • Kansas National Guard Educational Assistance Program
  • Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship
  • Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship
  • Kansas State Scholarship

To apply for federal student financial aid, and to apply for many state student aid programs, student must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The information you provide on your FAFSA determines if you are eligible for financial aid.

To lean more, please contact the Kansas public university or college where you place to finish your degree.

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