Seamless Systemwide Transfer

Image of the state of kansas that says Transfer KSThe Transfer Kansas portal houses all Systemwide Transfer (SWT) courses approved by the Kansas Board of Regents, for which faculty develop learning outcomes. SWT courses transfer to any Kansas public institution offering an equivalent course. The decision of lower division courses to count toward upper division credit hours is at the discretion of the receiving institution.

Through the Transfer Kansas portal, identify courses that will transfer across the public higher education system in Kansas.

For transfer information at a specific institution, visit:



KRSN System Wide Transfer Courses by Discipline (pdf): A one-page listing of all Systemwide Transfer courses



 SWT Course Effective Dates

Acting I (pdf)  FALL 2013
Acting II (pdf)  SUMMER 2014
American Government (pdf) FALL 2012
American Literature I (pdf) SUMMER 2019
American Literature II (pdf) SUMMER 2019
Anatomy and Physiology  - 5 credit hours (pdf)  FALL 2013
Anatomy and Physiology - 8 credit hours (pdf) SUMMER 2017
Art Appreciation (pdf)  FALL 2013
Art History I - Prehistoric to Medieval (pdf)  SUMMER 2014
Art History II - Renaissance to Contemporary (pdf)  SUMMER 2014
Biology I and Lab for Majors (pdf)  SUMMER 2016
Biology II and Lab for Majors (pdf) SUMMER 2017
Calculus I (pdf)  FALL 2013
Chemistry I and Lab for Majors (pdf)
FALL 2012
Chemistry II and Lab for Majors (pdf)  SUMMER 2014
Childhood Growth and Development (pdf)  SUMMER 2014
College Algebra (pdf) FALL 2012
Comparative Politics (pdf) SUMMER 2019
Computer Concepts and Applications (pdf) FALL 2013
Contemporary Math/Essential Math (pdf) SUMMER 2017
Descriptive Astronomy Lecture and Lab (pdf) SUMMER 2015 
Descriptive Astronomy Lecture (pdf) SUMMER 2015 
Descriptive Astronomy Lab (pdf) SUMMER 2015 
Elementary Statistics (pdf)  SUMMER 2014
English Composition I (pdf) FALL 2012
English Composition II (pdf) FALL 2012
Engineering Physics I with Lab (pdf) SUMMER 2016 
Engineering Physics II with Lab (pdf)  SUMMER 2016
Environmental Science Lecture and Lab (pdf) SUMMER 2018
Environmental Science Lecture (pdf) SUMMER 2018
Environmental Science Lab (pdf) SUMMER 2018
Ethics (pdf)  FALL 2013
Financial Accounting (pdf) SUMMER 2018
First Aid and CPR (pdf) SUMMER 2017
French I (pdf)  SUMMER 2014
French II (pdf) SUMMER 2015 
General Biology and Lab for Non Majors (pdf) FALL 2012
General/Business Calculus (pdf) SUMMER 2017
General Chemistry and Lab for Non Majors (pdf) SUMMER 2016 
Human Lifespan/Developmental Psychology (pdf)  FALL 2013
International Relations (pdf) SUMMER 2015 
Interpersonal Communication (pdf) SUMMER 2015 
Introduction to Business (pdf) SUMMER 2017
Introduction to Criminal Justice (pdf)  SUMMER 2016
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (pdf)  FALL 2013
Introduction to Drawing (pdf)  SUMMER 2015
Introduction to Early Childhood Education (pdf) SUMMER 2019
Introduction to Education (pdf) SUMMER 2017
Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology (pdf)  SUMMER 2014
Introduction to Literature (pdf) FALL 2012
Introduction to Mass Communication (pdf) SUMMER 2016 
Introduction to Philosophy (pdf)  FALL 2013
Introduction to Political Science (pdf)  FALL 2013
Introduction to Psychology (pdf) FALL 2012
Introduction to Social Work (pdf) SUMMER 2016 
Introduction to Sociology (pdf) FALL 2012
Introduction to Women’s Studies (pdf) SUMMER 2017
Logic and Critical Thinking (pdf) SUMMER 2014 
Macroeconomics (pdf) FALL 2012
Managerial Accounting (pdf) SUMMER 2018
Marriage and Family (pdf) SUMMER 2019
Medical Terminology (pdf) SUMMER 2017
Microeconomics (pdf) FALL 2012
Music Appreciation (pdf) SUMMER 2013
Music Theory I (pdf)  SUMMER 2014
Music Theory II (pdf) SUMMER 2019
Nutrition (pdf) SUMMER 2015 
Personal and Community Health (pdf)  SUMMER 2016
Personal Finance (pdf) SUMMER 2016 
Physical Geology Lecture and Lab (pdf) SUMMER 2016 
Physical Geology Lecture (pdf) SUMMER 2016 
Physical Geology Lab (pdf)  SUMMER 2016
Physical Science and Lab (pdf) FALL 2012
Physics I and Lab (pdf) FALL 2012
Physics II and Lab (pdf)  FALL 2013
Principles of Leadership (pdf) SUMMER 2019
Public Speaking (pdf) FALL 2012
Social Problems (pdf)
 SUMMER 2014
Spanish I (pdf)  FALL 2013
Spanish II (pdf)  SUMMER 2014
Spanish III (pdf)
SUMMER 2015 
Stagecraft (pdf) SUMMER 2014 
Theatre Appreciation (pdf)  FALL 2013
Theatre Practicum (pdf) SUMMER 2014 
Trigonometry (pdf)  SUMMER 2015
US History to 1877 (pdf) FALL 2012
US History Since 1877 (pdf) FALL 2012
World History to 1500 (pdf)  FALL 2013
World History 1500 to Present (pdf) SUMMER 2015 
World Regional Geography (pdf) FALL 2012
World Religions (pdf)  SUMMER 2015

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