88-26-1. Definitions.
(a) "Board staff" and "staff" mean the designees of the president and chief executive officer of the state board.
(b) "Community college" has the meaning specified in K.S.A. 74-3201b, and amendments thereto.
(c) "Course of study" and "program" mean a curriculum, the completion of which qualifies a student to receive a degree or a career technical certificate or to engage in a particular field of employment.
(d) "Distance education course" means any course in which faculty and students are physically separated in place or time and in which two-thirds or more of the instruction is provided by means other than face-to-face instruction.
(e) "Distance education program" means any program in which 50 percent or more of the program is delivered by means of distance education courses.
(f) "Institution" means a community college, a technical college, or the Washburn institute of technology.
(g) "Non-accredited private secondary school" means a school that meets all of the following conditions:
(1) The school regularly offers education at the secondary level.
(2) Attendance at the school satisfies the requirements of the compulsory school attendance laws of Kansas.
(3) The school is not accredited by the state board of education.
(h) "Out-of-state or foreign student" means a student who is not a resident of the state of Kansas.
(i) "President and chief executive officer of the state board" means the chief executive officer as described in K.S.A. 74-3203a, and amendments thereto.
(j) "Satisfactory progress" means the progress required by an institution's reasonable satisfactory academic progress policy.
(k) "State aid" means any funds appropriated by the Kansas legislature to the state board for allocation or distribution to institutions.
(l) "State board" means Kansas board of regents.
(m) "Technical college" means any technical college designated pursuant to K.S.A. 72-4472, 72-4473, 72-4474, 72-4475, 72-4477, or 72-4477a, and amendments thereto.
(n) "Washburn institute of technology" means the area vocational school that is affiliated with Washburn university pursuant to K.S.A. 72-4479, and amendments thereto. (Authorized by K.S.A. 72-7514, K.S.A. 74-32,140, and K.S.A. 2014 Supp. 74-32,141; implementing K.S.A. 2014 Supp. 71-201, K.S.A. 71-406, 71-407, K.S.A. 2014 Supp. 71-1803, 72-4480, K.S.A. 74-32,140, and K.S.A. 2014 Supp. 74-32,141; effective Oct. 29, 2004; amended April 10, 2015.)